Bohemian Beauty Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens… A girl we fell in love with from the moment she sang Breaking Free in HSM! Now not only our fav American actress but also style queen of the century! Looking for a bohemian goddess to idolise this summer? Look no further – she’s your girl.

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Vanessa turned heads amongst the crowds at Coachella once again this year – whilst everyone else was trying so hard to look festival fabulous, she managed it with such ease! Strutting along with mermaid length locks and jewelled from head to toe (literally), Vanessa was crowned style guru of the summer. The bohemian trend is huge right now, it’s all about feeling free and as she would say herself… ‘The Good Vibes’! She is renowned for her gypsy inspired outfits, mixing tiny embellished crops with floaty floral skirts and completing her look with an array of beautiful rings.This year she rocked the three day festival sporting a couple of kaftan style dresses, both in funky mixed prints and that flowed gracefully alongside her beau Austin Butler. She was also spotted in a big floppy hat and leather tassle bag, two big must-have accessories! It seems that fringed everything was the way to go when Vanessa rocked up in not only the tassel bag but fringed boots and even a fringed jacket! So when trying out this look yourself just think cowboy meets gypsy and you’re well on your way to being a fashionista princess…

vanessa 3

After recently experimenting with all kinds of coloured dip dye, Vanessa has decided to take the chop and is now sporting a bouncy long bob. Something she introduced on Instagram as her ‘summer alter ego, Miss Daisy’. Whilst the mermaid locks were certainly giving us hair envy, her new do is sure to do just that same! At the YHA’s she was spotted in a daring denim crop and flowing white maxi skirt, super cute yet still the flower child, boho chic we all love. So whether it’s layering up a few more rings, slipping into a boho kaften or getting scissor happy with a chic new hair cut… it’s time to take a leaf from Queen Vanessa this summer!

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Lottie Moss for CK Jeans!

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Kate Moss is one of the most adored models of our time, at the age of 40 (shhh don’t tell anyone!) she is still a huge name in the fashion world. Her recent collection designed for Topshop was a huge hit and left us all shoving through the doors waiting to purchase! We never want to see the beloved Moss name away from the cameras, and with Lottie Moss her younger sister recently modeling for a Calvin Klein shoot, we can all be assured that Moss is still Boss!


lottie moss 2


Lottie has recently recreated one of Kate’s most famous campaigns – I’m sure we all remember the shoot of portraits for Calvin Klein Jeans? Lottie, at only 16, stood beautifully in front of cameras to showcase a new collaboration of CK Jeans with This collab (titled ‘The Re-Issue Project) features eight of the label’s most well known designs including our fav the Kate Moss tapered jean. All designs are printed with the famous CK logo and look utterly perfect on young Lottie. Photographer Avedon described Lottie to be the “essence of the Calvin Klein girl” due to her “intriguing innocence” and “utter beauty”. We don’t doubt you Mr Avedon, she sure is wonderful!

Well, could this be the start of something big for Lottie? Watch this space…


lottie moss 1

Return of the mac

Soooo…. I have not blogged in erm FOREVER! Absolutely terrible person… But I have actually really missed it – so here we go again, round 2, just for you!
…After spending 4 months in a cardboard box of a room (this is a literal statement, it was the size of a cardboard box.) I am finally free and can now use my beautiful mr apple mac, meaning blogging should now be well under way and regular!

Keep posted for some burberry babble, cara crushing, make up to wake up and moreeee

Oh and p.s. I have REVAMPED the blog to make it that bit more modern and upcoming, let me know what you think? I’d appreciate the feedback 

90’s fashion (with a hint of 80’s)

Everybody knows that if you want to be a fashion goddess right now, you need to look fresh from the 90’s…

With the generation of young people right now having been born in that era, people have taken to this style in a massive way. Knotting hair up in a scrunchie each morning is almost like a trip down memory lane. Looking round town I sometimes wonder if I’m in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, abstract shirts & crimped long locks.

This 90’s style has such a massive vibe to it, bright colours and shimmering skirts make the streets light up. It’s all about Spice Girl power and our old friend the tattoo choker. Whether you’re girlie or grungey – 80’s/90’s fashion has so much to offer; its a choice between cute bubble backpacks or baggy black leather… or why not mix it up!?
“Anything goes, everything’s funky.”

My favourite 90’s fashion is the original Versace; so much colour, so many cropsFluffy jumpers make winter cosy and cute whilst coloured PVC shimmers by night. All possible outfits are teamed with chunky platform boots or crazy coloured Nikes. Jewellery is big, bigger and gold; hoops & chains make massive statement pieces, its a chav heaven 90’s throwback!

Hitting the vintage stores you can snap up some beautiful sports luxe; shell suits and bomber jackets accessorize skinny waists –  teamed with original Adidas swimsuits and baggy belted shorts

Summer seemed oh so fun in the sun – jelly JuJu sandals and milk bottle sunglasses, Ozzy eat your heart out… I’m hoping Winter is going to be full of baggy dungarees and ripped denim to keep the vibe going.

I’ve selected my favourite 80’s/90’s inspired fashion photos and a few originals of Kate Moss, The Spice Girls and Versace. Throwbackkkkkkk….



Bedroom ramblings…


Bedroom ramblings...

If you know me, you know my bedroom moves around every few months. I am known to exaggerate but that is a mere statement!

I get bored so easily its ridiculous, if not hilarious. Every piece of furniture I own is now hanging on its hinges for dear life – after I’ve tugged it across the room with full force and turned it at every possible angle I can think of! If I had it my way I would even move the window, the built in wardrobe, the radiator… I need some sort of portable room, then I could change its location around the house whenever I felt like it!

However, aside from that I also love adding to my room lots of fresh and pretty things. It’s starting to look a little overcrowded now, but hey… I’ve got a new idea!

I saw this giant size “Doodle Notebook” at the New Designers show in London earlier this year. I was really quite amazed by how well it fit in with the atmosphere of ‘new and fresh ideas’… And so I have decided; this would be perfect for one of my walls! Then I could change it CONSTANTLY. I could doodle different colour patterns and flowers every week – It would be amazing. I could write blog ideas, outfit picks, shopping lists, quotes… everything and anything without worrying that I might get bored of it later on.

If only I could have picked up that rather large doodle notebook on the day and somehow transported it to my bedroom. I would have been one happy girl. Since that is a far away dream, I am going to have to make it my mission to create my very own ‘doodle notebook’.

I thought…
-Hugeeee whiteboard from Online
-Drill holes in the top
-Beautiful glittery large ribbon bound through the holes (as if they were wire)
-Each loop of ribbon hung on a hook on the wall
-Whiteboard pens in every colour under the sun purchased

…and the doodle notebook idea will be loved forever

What do you think? What would you put on a doodle notebook?

Amazing Jewellery from ‘Almost Grown’


I have recently discovered the beautiful little jewellery online shop ‘Almost Grown’ !
(click on the link to view the website)

My love for the Hamsa-Hand symbol is never ending… my collection is complete with anklets, bracelets, earrings and now a necklace too! I really do love this symbol because the detailing can be so intricate and artistic, so when I discovered ‘Almost Grown’ I contacted the owner Emily immediately to make sure I could share with you all her beautiful products. Here are a few photos for you to take a look at…


  • Hamsa Hand Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: £6.00 (available if you click HERE)
  • Hamsa Hand Delicate Bracelet: £5.00(available if you click HERE)
  • Skull & Spike Necklace: £6.00(available if you click HERE)

Emily is a graduated student with a degree in Graphic Design & Almost Grown was set up as a personal side project to compliment her portfolio. She says that “it was something a little bit different and a bit more practical than my usual work – and of course I love accessories and costume jewellery!” There is no doubt that Emily has fantastic taste in jewellery and the products available are a perfect combination. Though still in its early stages, I think Almost Grown deserves to be recognised! The layout of the online shop (as you can see if you click on the links) is easy to follow and simple; letting the jewellery do the talking!

The Hamsa-Hand necklace was very kindly gifted to me, so therefore I have been able to share with you just how beautiful this piece of jewellery looks when complete with an outfit! When the necklace arrived in the post it immediately caught my attention how beautifully Emily had packaged the product. The cute green stripes and the lovely little note really made my day. It prices at only £6.00 so I advise that you purchase it right HERE.












I cannot thank Almost Grown enough for such a lovely necklace, I shall be wearing it very often! It’s an easy product to layer with other jewellery which is currently bang on trend.

I hope you purchase from Almost Grown in the future as the quality of the product I received was fantastic. The beauty of the Hamsa Hand is a trend I see working for a very long time. Furthermore, at pocket money prices, the statement necklaces also available at Almost Grown will be sure to turn heads and get compliments! Emily hopes to expand the online store and make more products available, there has even been talk of an illustration twist! Make sure you keep updated through her website HERE


Prints and cut outs for AW13


Just thought I would share with you all a couple of new purchases I made for AW13! I have been itching to get my hands on some printed trousers this season and these are definitely a winning buy! From H&M for only £14.99 I couldn’t go wrong. They remind me slightly of Dalmatian dogs… but hey, who said that isn’t cute!? The fit is perfect on me, which is usually a nightmare to find! They are supposed to be ‘ankle length’ but because my pins are far from lengthy, I chose these knowing they would be more of a full length! The detail of a gold zip around the back of the ankles allows for a tight fitting ‘skinny’ style. No more two sets of hands yanking to get them over the feet at the end of the day… This design is a saviour!!

The cut outs boots are from New Look (would you believe) and are priced at £24.99. Not bad for a pair so gorgeous. I love the buckle detail and the height of the heel. I must say this ‘chunky’ design also gives a little more comfort than a stiletto! I can’t wait to team these with a pair of frilly socks or some glittery tights.

Let me know what you think of my new purchases and what you will be buying this AW13!

P.s. Excuse the atrociously dirty mirror and blame my sister for that one haha