Valentino on a budget

This Autumn/Winter 2013 has definitely been a beautiful one in the world of fashion. Not usually being a lover of autumn clothing myself, I must say that even I am stunned! I could not wait to hit the shops and purchase a few things (something I sneakily achieved today with the help of my mum’s pockets haha!). And true to form the shops were filled with some amazing items…

Watching the catwalks online, dreaming that I was actually sat near the runway… Valentino’s collection really turned my head. I think I could watch the video I have attached over and over again. Wow…

For this reason I have chosen to do a blog post ‘How to do Valentino on a poor students budget!’

As I have said in a previous post, there is a strong identification this year of the powerful woman. High necklines, and less of the tight skirts and dresses, and well general nun attire seems to be a big hit on the catwalk… I say it like it’s all dull and boring, but if I could describe this in one word it would have to be STRIKING!

I have carefully selected my favourite pieces from the Valentino ‘ready-to-wear’ range and teamed them alongside high street alternatives. Who said you can’t fake designer haha!? Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford Valentino I would be standing outside the store before it even opened! But for now, this will have to do. I hope you like my ideas and let me know which are your favourite high street picks… as you can see I am a lover of lace – not to mention the cute little cut out boots (I must admit I purchased some black ones earlier)!!!

Number 1 valentino 4 valentino aw1 valentino 11 valentino 5BOOOTs


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