90’s fashion (with a hint of 80’s)

Everybody knows that if you want to be a fashion goddess right now, you need to look fresh from the 90’s…

With the generation of young people right now having been born in that era, people have taken to this style in a massive way. Knotting hair up in a scrunchie each morning is almost like a trip down memory lane. Looking round town I sometimes wonder if I’m in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, abstract shirts & crimped long locks.

This 90’s style has such a massive vibe to it, bright colours and shimmering skirts make the streets light up. It’s all about Spice Girl power and our old friend the tattoo choker. Whether you’re girlie or grungey – 80’s/90’s fashion has so much to offer; its a choice between cute bubble backpacks or baggy black leather… or why not mix it up!?
“Anything goes, everything’s funky.”

My favourite 90’s fashion is the original Versace; so much colour, so many cropsFluffy jumpers make winter cosy and cute whilst coloured PVC shimmers by night. All possible outfits are teamed with chunky platform boots or crazy coloured Nikes. Jewellery is big, bigger and gold; hoops & chains make massive statement pieces, its a chav heaven 90’s throwback!

Hitting the vintage stores you can snap up some beautiful sports luxe; shell suits and bomber jackets accessorize skinny waists –  teamed with original Adidas swimsuits and baggy belted shorts

Summer seemed oh so fun in the sun – jelly JuJu sandals and milk bottle sunglasses, Ozzy eat your heart out… I’m hoping Winter is going to be full of baggy dungarees and ripped denim to keep the vibe going.

I’ve selected my favourite 80’s/90’s inspired fashion photos and a few originals of Kate Moss, The Spice Girls and Versace. Throwbackkkkkkk….




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