Vintage Crops & Denim Tops

Vintage Crops & Denim Tops

Sorry I haven’t posted in a long while but I have been tanning on the beach in the beautiful Rhodes – not to rub it in or anything.

Now I am back here is a little outfit I put together not long ago. After purchasing this little cut off dungaree crop from a vintage store in Leeds – I’ve had no clue what to wear it with! Denim on denim would be the only other option (I may try this out soon). But for now, being all safe and selective, I have teamed it with a dress and bandana. Let me know what you think!

The bandana is just rolled up and tied in a knot, they are easy to purchase in vintage shops or urban outfitters often sell them. They come in so many colours but burgandy went best with the denim and cream.

The idea of a dungaree crop moved from vintage stores and hit the high street with Rihanna’s first ever collection for River Island. I remember wanting it so bad but it sold out in Newcastle within a few days! Her newest collection has just come out and I have no doubt that will fly out of stores aswell.

After so long of not bothering to wear it I nearly gave it up, however, after putting this little outfit together and walking past a vintage shop the lady popped out to ask where I got it and was amazed by the idea, I hope to see her bringing it into her stores one day!

The dress is just from primark ( you may have seen it in another of my posts) and cost me about £13, they are constantly stocking their shop with this style of dress so I am sure you could easily find one. It goes with just about anything aswell!


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