My favourite blogger


I wanted to share with you all my favourite blog outside of wordpress – simply for your benefit and pleasure! Before I started blogging myself, I was constantly looking at the elegant Kristina Bazans instagram, youtube channel and of course her beautiful blog – KAYTURE

I advise that you instantly take a look at her blog and now most definitely follow her instagram! If you are interested in high end beautiful fashion, Kristina really is an icon. The video I have attached is inspirational and tells her journey and where she is now in this point of her life. Both her and her boyfriend James clearly worked so hard to get Kayture to where it is now, and the quality is amazing.

Still of a young age, the way Kristina puts together outfits and her good eye for accessory details is stunning – not to mention the fact her boyfriends photography skills capture the most beautiful angles of her work!

I personally think this blog will grow and grow. The more work her and James have put in to Kayture, the bigger labels she is now working with. If you watch some of her youtube videos you realise that brands send her products to blog about from all over the world (we can all dream!). What I love most about Kristina is the fact she admits she is not the richest kid on the block with thousands of pounds to spend on new outfits, but that people simply admire to quality of KAYTURE blog and feel they want her to represent their brands.

To top it all of she is so cute aswell, I want her accent…

Take a look!!!

kayture 1kayture 3kayture 2


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