Daytime denim

Thought I would post this little outfit I put together for day wear. Nothing fancy about it but I think it goes together really well…

The ‘skater’ style skirt filled shops along the high street this summer and I never managed to purchase one myself! However, after my sister got bored of hers she let me wear it and I managed to combine it with a few of my own items. The deep denim blue meant that I could team it with just about anything I wanted… An old topshop purchase teamed well with the skirt – I found that the orange complemented the blue and also added a summer vibe. A girl working in the bank complimented the fact I was wearing it, claiming that she had the same top but couldn’t figure what to wear it with! 


The necklace added detail to the outfit as both the top and skirt were so plain. I love the leopard print, and although a more wintery pattern, I liked the look of it against the orange. The bracelets were given to me on work experience at Anne Furbank and are from a brand called Sence. The idea of Sence jewellery is to layer it and when they gave me two of the bracelets, I was able to do just that! The nail polish in a deep red is again, rather wintery, however it works particularly well with the gold and that is what I liked about it.


Finally I couldn’t be bothered with my hair that day so I tied it all back into a pony tail, but using a trick my friend (a hairdresser) taught me, I hid the hideous band with a piece of my own hair. Here I took a strand from under the ponytail wrapped it round a few times and pinned it underneath. I think it neatens off the look…



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