New Designers 2013!

Yesterday I caught the train to London and headed to an exhibition I had been meaning to for a few years! NEW DESIGNERS 2013 was about to blow my mind…

A visitor to my textiles class in year 12 had taken an interest in my work and one day arrived in class with a leaflet telling me I’d “love to visit”. It’s been on my mind ever since but I have never had the chance to go. I regret that now as I can assure you I having been missing out the past couple of years! It is amazinggggg! New Designers is an exhibition of mostly graduate work, split into two weeks, one fashion related and the other interior related. Obviously I opted for the fashion one and along with my mum I turned up with no idea what was in store that day….

Entering the business design centre we displayed our tickets and were welcomed in to the showroom. Wow. It was huge. The place made me buzz from head to toe! There was such a beautiful & artistic atmosphere as you walked through the displays. Some of the set ups were stunning and the work even more so. I didn’t know where to look, the quality of every individual piece was of the highest standard. You could practically feel the work and effort that these artists had put into there work. I wanted to take photos of everything in my path but had to be careful as some people were not willing to have photos taken of their work (which is very understandable). However, I did manage to gather a few great shots together by asking the artists, I will add these to my post so you too can get a feel of the exhibition (but seriously, you need to visit and see the real deal.)


The most striking element of New Designers was the variety, nothing was gone amiss. The categories; clothing, headwear, neckwear, jewellery, kidswear, ceramics, wall hangings, fabrics, wallpapers, bags, costume, fashion interior and much more. Not only this but the variety of style was immense. Urban, futuristic, elegant, classic, flora, geometric, vintage, aztec and so on…
There was something for everyone, and as the day went on I realised I was often drawn to anything urban and futuristic and vibrant or alternatively, anything very floral and pretty. Quite the opposites but I often seem to switch between very feminine dresses and vibrant chunky jewellery within my own style! My mum adopted her own taste often drawn to the stunning kids-wear dresses and pretty bags and purses.
I loved this urban style street-wear that artist ‘Gurpreet Bains’ did, I can see his stuff selling very soon! Especially the bags:



Many artists had cards with images of their work and contact details on, although I won’t be hiring (I think I would hire them all!), I will definitely be keeping these for future inspiration!


The further I went round the exhibition the more I seemed to notice the idea of an artistic community coming together. There were competitions such as decorating an image of an Absolut Vodka bottle (I will upload mine later for you all to see). There were also massive bits of paper and even whiteboards where people could doodle things that had inspired them from the show, or simply write messages to the ND13 ‘community’.

doodle notebook

One thing that caught my eye most was the other Absolut Vodka competition between the artists. Four of them had the chance to decorated a real glass bottle (a huge one at that, I have no idea who would drink a bottle that size haha!). Here is my favourite, I love the idea of stitching the letters on and the beautiful sheet music, very chic:


Another girl called Lucy had made her design interactive, getting visitors to the exhibition help her colour the bottle in which was covered with a ‘community’ inspired design. I thought this was amazing, and such a clever idea to bringing artists together. The winner was a girl called Lara Waghorn who managed to pop blue ink bubbles onto her bottle and it created a beautiful effect! (an idea I shall most definitely be taking up in the near future).

Some of the artists were interested in chatting to you about their work and one girl told me she had already had lots of interest from employers and most importantly from high street store OASIS! Opportunities were looking fantastic for her! After only graduating a week ago and being selected as 1 of 20 from her university to go to ND13, she is definitely heading in the right direction. She seemed so lovely and gave me some advice on the fashion industry which will now stay with me forever. I hope to see her designs on a dress in the near future (I will be heading straight to Oasis to purchase!).

Nicole Bradley was my favourite artist of the day with the most beautiful prints on fabric, I did not get the chance to meet her but I am praying that her work comes into stores one day! The detail and effort in this print needs to be appreciated by all…

photo (7)

At only £10 New Designers is the best talent I have ever seen under one roof. The variety ensured me that next year will be filled with even newer ideas and totally different. I can’t wait to go again & if you are interested in fashion or interior then I advise you hop on the train to London too..




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