Bliss magazine work experience

I thought I would share with you all my most recent summer adventure. So if you are merely interested in my ramblings, or more so in fashion magazines, then I advise you read on…

Rocking up to a guest-house in glamorous Tunbridge Wells I felt:
1) under-dressed (I took that into account for the rest of my week I can assure you!)
2) nervous about living with strangers for a week
3) excited to get an insight to the life of a fashion magazine

So after a night of worry and trauma from a spider on my pillow (ergh I know!) I woke up at 7.30am and DOLLED UP. I might have looked the part but really my dress was a size 20 top from a charity shop in Coventry, nothing unusual there haha! (I will post a photo of the outfit in a separate post) You too should get down to a charity shop and go all gok wan on yourself!

My nerves of being in a house with random people were eliminated that morning when the owners had displayed the breakfast table with cereals, cakes, juices, strawberries and more! Admittedly… food was clearly the key to my heart.  A kind lady gave me a lift to work (ahem.. 20 minutes early – better to be safe than sorry ey?). However this didn’t last long and I soon found myself climbing a mountain to work for 30 mins every morning.

My first day in the office consisted of getting lost and sitting on my own on a bench outside at lunch, I did consider the toilets having to remind myself that I’m not Kady Heron. However, those issues aside I met a lovely team of 9 girls working on the magazine and pondered over how the hell they produced such a magazine between such few of them! I was introduced to fashion returns, which I’d heard was very dull but I quite liked it! I got to look at all the clothes and suss out the recent style they had been going for. It all paid off when I was asked to meet one of the girls in London the next day to pull clothes for a photo-shoot. I had to contain my excitement when I responded, I was not going to go all ‘OMG thanks so much!’ on the poor girl…

London was a whole new level of fashion fun, we walked into stores such as Miss Selfridge and Bershka feeling like royalty (well I did) and picking up whatever we wanted to take back to the office. The photo-shoot was for an issue coming out in September so as you can imagine, the summer neons were not what we wanted. Holly (the girl I was with) showed me the brief which I will tell you urm… in september! and we realised this was going to be quite hard. Over a Starbucks we chatted about how she got to where she is now and I took some severe mental notes ;)

After pulling (a term for buying but you don’t pay!) all possible items from in store she decided we needed to visit some showrooms. Erm yay! I was so excited… these are where all the AW13 samples are kept apart from the stores and displayed. This was a real insight to behind the scenes fashion and a great experience. Most of the show rooms are in the press offices so I got a sneaky look at the fashionistas working there. Needless to say they were bang on trend. One girls dungaree style bright blue jumpsuit caught my eye, I have no hope in finding it :(

We bought a suitcase to put the masses of clothes in at the end of the day and I took it back to the office to hang it all out immediately. I cannot express my worry enough as I was held responsible for all these clothes, some not even available in store yet. I clutched that suitcase like I was a new baby moma! 

The rest of the week gave me a better insight into how the magazine was put together and amongst all the returns and filing I learnt how to write horoscopes, online polls, transcribe interviews and choose high res images for the magazine (I hope to see some of my choices in Septembers issue!).

I loved getting dressed up every morning knowing that I would not look an idiot wearing a dress and heels in the office. I was in my element. Sat at home if I wear more than a pair of yoga pants I feel silly!

At the end of the week I plucked up the courage to ask another magazine in the office whether I could take up work experience with them later in the year and to my amazement my wish was granted! So along with Anne Furbank, those adventures are yet to come and I shall keep you updated :)

Finally… I should let you know I DID NOT MAKE ONE CUP OF TEA… and was given a bag of fake it goodies (make up) on my last day. Oh the perks!


Bethan x


2 thoughts on “Bliss magazine work experience

  1. I have just read this post from last year and I am currently looking for work experience at a fashion magazine like Bliss and I just wondered how you applied or contacted the magazine and the age restriction?

    • if you go online you should probably be able to find the fashion and beauty assistant’s email :) i just emailed and asked if they had a week available, they do lots of work experience there so you should be in with a shot! if you weren’t looking for a fashion one they also do features aswell :) good luck, let me know if you get some! make sure your CV is relevant and let them know why you think you’d be great! xxx

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