In the words of John Mayer… Neon

Sipping a coffee at Starbucks in London I played a bit of my favourite sport – people watching. A girl head-to-toe in black with a short afro hairdo caught my eye as she sat at a table with a bright yellow satchel at her side. It was a huge feast for the green eyed monster, absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t help but stare. She was a total fashion icon, teaming such a dark outfit with a striking hair cut and an even more striking bag…

This summer is all about standing out from the crowd in the brightest possible colours. Whilst it was once oh so tacky or ‘chavvy’ (as my boyfriend would call it)… NEON has made its’ comeback in a huge way. After Teen Vogue posted ‘‘ the trend has crept into all the high street stores and for SS13. So before autumn creeps up into all the shops get yourself down to places such as topshop to snap up some holiday pieces. I recently purchased a couple of items for my holiday in Egypt and below I shall share them with you. I cannot wait to put them on with the sand between my toes and (please god) tanned skin:

Shorts – £7.99 H&M
Crop Top – £12 Topshop
Anklet – £8 Accessorize

image (59) neon shorts anklet photo (4)

I have also thrown in a few images of things on my wish list which can be purchased in high street stores. So if the ones above don’t take your fancy, these sure might! The neon satchel mentioned at the beginning of my post is of course making an appearance!
P.s. I’ve even thrown in the links so you can get purchasing :)

neon shorts pinky neon orange dressneon yellow dressneon dressneon satchel

Neon Fluro Yellow Satchel (the love of my life!):

Neon Pink Mini Shorts:

Neon Earrings:

Neon Yellow Open Back Dress:

Neon Orange Long Dress:

Neon Green Tribal Print Dress


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