University Detox

After a year of freshers nights out it’s safe to say I’ve been surviving on Disaronno & cokes, chips & mayo from the trusty ‘pizza base’ and the heaven sent diam tortes from desserts delivered… But whilst I shall definitely not be totally cutting desserts delivered from my life (pudding… to your door… I’m sure you can imagine the everlasting love between me and desserts delivered), I have managed to give myself a bit of a detox! – and to my amazement, I am no longer waking up at 2pm in the afternoon, feeling like death on legs and nursing a constant headache. 

Detoxing hasn’t turned out to be all that bad either, I am not eating cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner feeling like I may faint at any moment of the day, neither do I constantly dream about nandos! I eat what I want but in small portions and ensure I pack in a load of healthy fruit and veg. It’s summer so if you’re mr I hate green stuff then why not go all exotic and chuck in pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, mango and some sweet peppers! 

I wanted to share with you my new favourite snacks so you can get detoxing summer style too.

Green tea: is my FAVOURITE, and if you’re not a fan of the original there are now options such as ‘a hint of summer berries’, ‘peppermint’, ‘jasmine’ and much more… So easy to make, ditch the milk and sugar just add boiling water. Tea pigs is my choice for the photo, the biodegradable teabag is super cute but a bit pricey if you’re on a student budget. There are so many more options out there though, truth be told I’m a big fan of Morrison’s own! Green tea will kick start you metabolism so drink it in the morning with your breakie and let those calories burnnnn…


Fruit smoothie! Why not opt Pimms for a fruit smoothie, Smoothie O’clock might not have such a ring to it but when you team summer berries with a vanilla yoghurt and mixed it up… I can assure you it tastes amazing.


Graze boxes are the ultimate healthy snacks, they don’t taste like rabbit food and there are lots of low calorie options to choose from. My favourites are vanilla seeds, healthy popcorn and bbq pistachios. Your first box is usually FREE so even if you don’t want to sign up regularly then there’s no point missing out of free food (free food sounds so good haha).


Enjoy :) 
Bethan x


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