The little white dress…

Recently I bagged myself 2 weeks of summer work experience at designer stockist Anne Furbank, the shop I have loved since I was tiny! I have never forgotten the beautiful window displays along with the beautiful staff, so it wasn’t a surprise when my legs went to jelly realising I’d have to make an appearance in the shop. With a wardrobe full of primark dresses I was going to have to make an effort to fit in. I am hoping that this will convince you that looking super chic does not cost so much! Stingy but it worked when I got a “what you are wearing is perfect for the store” on leaving the place…

I thought I would share with you some photos of what I opted for, all on a student budget.

The dress – Primark £13
The lipstick – 17 at Boots (Hot Flash) £4.99
The heels – £10 Peacocks
The anklet – £5 Accessorize
Bangle and earrings – from a market abroad

outfit outfit close up  shoeslips


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